SmartWeb: Getting Answers on the Go


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Table of Contents

SmartWeb: Getting Answers on the Go

SmartWeb provides a context-aware user interface to the Web

SmartWeb: Getting Answers on the Go

SmartWeb-Car: Mobile Web Access in a Mercedes A-Class or R-Class

SmartWeb: Mobile and Multimodal Internet Access on a BMW K 1200

SmartWeb Can Deal with three Types of Interaction Devices

SmartWeb Combines Five Input Modalities

Merging Various User Interface Paradigms

SmartWeb Integrates four Important Research Areas

The SmartWeb Consortium

SmartWeb: Open-Domain Question Answering – Beyond Google

Open Domain Question Answering in SmartWeb: From Soccer to Geography

From Search to Question Answering

Outline of the Talk

The Basic Architecture of SmartWeb

SmartWeb‘s Mobile Digital Assistent MDA III and MDA Pro of T-Mobile

A Multi-Engine Approach to Semantic Information Access

General Architecture of SmartWeb

The Hub-and-Spoke Architecture of SmartWeb

Integration of Ontologies in SmartWeb

Soccer Ontology for the SmartWeb

SmartSumo: A Common Ontology

Ontology-Driven Question Analysis

Ontology-Driven Question Analysis

Multimodal Question Analysis

Multimodal Question Analysis

Multimodal Reference Resolution in SmartWeb

Multimodal Answer Generation

XML-Representation of the Input Query

Answer Extraction from the Deep Web

XML-Representation of the Answer Candidates

Automated Services in the Semantic Web

Composition of Web Services in SmartWeb

Classification of Semantic Web Services in SmartWeb

ServiceComposer: Composition of four Web Services to Answer a Single Question

Compact Annotation of Semantic Web Services in SmartWeb

Graph Matching with Concept Subsumption in Description Logic

The Architecture of the Plan-Based Service Composer GOAL

Automatic Service Execution in SmartWeb

Dynamic Hyperlink Generation in SmartWeb (first explored in AlFresco by Stock et al.)

Cooperation with DaimlerChrysler: Open Domain Question Answering in Mercedes Cars

Using DMB to Broadcast Extracted Information to Cars without UMTS Internet Access

The Danger of Information Overload

SmartWeb: Multimodal Interfaces to Advanced Motor Bike Services

Mobile SmartWeb Applications for Car Drivers, Motor Bikers, and Pedestrians

SmartWeb: Multimodal User Interface on a BMW Bike K 1200 LT

Semantic Peer-to-Peer Communication

SmartWeb: Semantic Web Service Communication between Cars

Web 3.0 = Semantic Web + Web 2.0

The New SmartKom Book, July 2006




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