International Symposium on Life-World Semantics and Digital City Design


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Table of Contents

International Symposium on Life-World Semantics and Digital City Design

What is Ambient Intelligence?

Always On and Always Best Connected: Ambient Network Access

Roadmaps for Communication Technologies

Ambient Intelligence as an Interdisciplinary Field

Large Projects on Human-Centered Computing in Germany



SmartWeb: The Follow-up Project of SmartKom

The Basic Architecture of SmartWeb

SmartWeb: Semantic Web Service Composition

A Web of Meaning“ has more Personalization Potential than a Web of Links

Spinning The Semantic Web

The Need for Mobile Multimodal Dialogue Systems

SmartWeb Combines Five Input Modalities

Automated Services in the Semantic Web

Spoken Dialogues with the Car Navigation System

SmartWeb: Spoken Dialogs for Comparison Shopping in the Car

Mobile SmartWeb Applications for Car Drivers, Motor Bikers, and Pedestrians

Semantic Peer-to-Peer Communication between Vehicles Safety Agents

SmartWeb: Multimodal Interfaces to Advanced Motor Bike Services

SmartWeb as Mobile Assistant for Soccer Fans at the FIFA Worldcup 2006 in Germany

Partial View of the Soccer Ontology for the SmartWeb Demonstrator at the FIFA Soccer Worldcup 2006 in Germany

Ambient Intelligence in the Future Store

Plan-based Shopping Assistance

Sample Interaction With Initial Prototype of Integrated System

Example: From Signal to Entry

Journal Entry Schema (Excerpt)

Viewer Example: Annotating an Entry

Natural Language Conversation with Products in a Cybershop

Automatic Comparison Shopping with Ambient Intelligence

Symmetric Multimodality for Ambient Intelligence (Wahlster 2003)


Capturing the Cognitive and Affective State of Users by Mobile Biosensors

A Four-Layered Architecture for Ambient Intelligence

Tailoring Mobile Presentations to the Age of the User by Unintrusive User Modeling

COMPASS 2008: Digital Olympics in Beijing 2008 in Cooperation with MOST

SmartKom - Foundations of Multimodal Dialogue Systems


Author:Wolfgang Wahlster



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