Language Technologies for the Mobile Internet Era


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Table of Contents

Language Technologies for the Mobile Internet Era

Multimodal Interfaces to 3G Mobile Services

Intelligent Interaction with Mobile Internet Services

Mobile Messaging Services Evolution: From SMS to MMS

Outline of the Talk

From Spoken Dialogue to Multimodal Dialogue

Merging Various User Interface Paradigms

Using All Human Senses for Intuitive Interaction: Code, Media and Modalities

Symbolic and Subsymbolic Fusion of Multiple Modes

Mutual Disambiguation of Multiple Input Modes

SmartKom: A Transportable Interface Agent

SmartKom: Intuitive Multimodal Interaction

SmartKom`s SDDP Interaction Metaphor

Multimodal Input and Output in the SmartKom System

Personalized Interaction with WebTVs via SmartKom (DFKI with Sony, Philips, Siemens)

Using Facial Expression Recognition for Affective Personalization

The SmartKom Demonstrator System

A Demonstration of SmartKom’s Multimodal Interface for the German President Dr. Rau

Salient Characteristics of SmartKom

Multimodal Input and Output in SmartKom Fusion and Fission of Multiple Modalities

The Need for Personalization: Adaptive Interaction with Mobile Devices

PEACH: „Beaming“ A Life-Like Character From A Large Public Display to a Mobile Personal Device

A “Web of Meaning“ has more Personalization Potential than a “Web of Links“

Mapping Web Content Onto a Variety of Structures and Layouts

SmartKom: Towards Multimodal and Mobile Dialogue Systems for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

Spoken Dialogues with the Car Navigation system: SENECA

Getting Driving and Walking Directions via SmartKom

Getting Driving and Walking Directions via SmartKom

SmartKom: Multimodal Dialogues with a Hybrid Navigation System

Spoken Navigation Dialogues with SmartKom

The High-Level Control Flow of SmartKom

A Spectrum of Client/Server Architectures for Mobile Multimodal Systems: From Thin to Fat Clients

M3I: A Mobile, Multimodal, and Modular Interface of DFKI

Example of Embedded Multimodal Dialogue System M3I for Pedestrian Navigation (DFKI)

Java-Based Voice Streaming for Hybrid Speech Understanding in M3I (DFKI)

SmartKom‘s Added-Value Mobile Service ActiveList

SmartKom‘s Added-Value Mobile Service SpotInspector

SmartKom‘s Added-Value Mobile Service PartnerRadar

Ultimate Simplicity: One-Button Mobile Devices

UMTS-Doit: The First Test and Evaluation Center for UMTS-based Multimodal Speech Services in Germany

UMTS Applications in a Mercedes: Webcam Providing a Look-Ahead of the Traffic Situation

UMTS Application in a Mercedes: Language-based Music Download

Personalized Car Entertainment (DFKI for Bosch)

Research Roadmap of Multimodality 2002-2005

Research Roadmap of Multimodality 2006-2010

Burning Issues in Multimodal Interaction


Author:Wolfgang Wahlster



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