Readings in Intelligent User Interfaces


This book represents a collection of the classic and contemporary readings in the field of Intelligent User Interfaces. An invaluable resource for students, professors, research scientists and engineers, it includes both fundamental research and applied innovations in the key areas of IUI including input analysis, output generation, user and discourse adapted interaction, agent-based interaction, model-based interface design, and evaluation.

Editors Maybury and Wahlster, two prominent researchers in the field of Intelligent User Interfaces, offer an introduction to the field along with commentary on each topic. In order to provide a uniquely synergistic view they chose a five person interdisciplinary review board to act as a sounding board for the organization of the book that included paper selection and reviewing commentary for the editors. Each paper concludes with a reflection by the original author on what worked, what did not, and where opportunities remain, as well as commentary on subsequent research and advances since the publication of their work, including important developments and key follow-up publications by the author and others.

Editorial Review Board:

Dr. Oliviero Stock, Instituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (IRST), Trento, Italy
Dr. Eduard Hovy, Information Science Institute (ISI), University of Southern California
Dr. Johanna D. Moore, University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Steven F. Roth, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Sharon Oviatt, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology


Mark Maybury received his BA in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Cross in 1986 where he was valedictorian. As a Rotary Scholar at Cambridge University, England, he received his M.Phil in Computer Speech and Language Processing in 1987 and his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in 1991. Mark was awarded an MBA from RPI in 1989. He has published in Text Generation, Presentation Design, Text and Multimedia Summarization, Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces, and Multimedia Information Access. He is currently the Deputy Division Manager of the National Intelligence Division, Director of the Bedford Artificial Intelligence Center, and Director of the Advanced Information Systems Center at the MITRE Corporation

Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster received a diploma and doctoral degree in Computer Science from the University of Hamburg, Germany. He is now Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Database Systems and head of the AI Laboratory at the University of Saarbrucken where he currently serves as a Scientific Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). He has published more than 150 technical papers on man-machine communication. His current research includes intelligent multimodal interfaces, user modeling, natural language scene description, intelligent help systems, and deductive plan recognition speech translation. He is an AAAI Fellow and a recipient of the Fritz Winter Award, one the most prestigious awards for engineering sciences in Germany.

Table of Contents:


I: Multimedia Input Analysis

II: Multimedia Presentation Design

III: Automated Graphic Design

IV: Automated Layout

V: User and Discourse Modeling

VI: Model Based Interfaces

VII: Agent Interfaces

VIII: Evaluation

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