Overview of the Current State of the Lead Innovation VirtualHuman

The VirtualHuman Consortium

Vision of the VirtualHuman Project

Various Interaction Metaphors with Virtual Humans

CeBIT 2004: VirtualHuman was presented to former German Chancelor G. Schröder and former Minister E. Bulmahn at the HEyeWall by Profs. Wahlster and Encarnação

The Three Application Scenarios for VirtualHuman

The Three Application Scenarios for VirtualHuman

The Three Application Scenarios for VirtualHuman

Characters Designed by Charamel for the Astronomy eLearning Scenario (VH-1)

Industrial Spin-off COHIBIT funded by Volkswagen

Characters of the Industrial Spin-off

First Photorealistic Characters Entirely Developed in VirtualHuman for the World Cup 2006 Game Show Scenario

Topic: World Cup 2006 in Germany

The ZAMB Virtual Studio designed by rmh new media gmbh

VirtualHuman ZAMB Scenario: Multi-Party Dialog between 5 Virtual & Human Agents

The Basic Architecture of Virtual Human

Ontology Editor: Soccer Player Instance

Ontology Tools based on Protégé: Query Instance:

Ontology: Dialog Games

Multi-party Interaction in the Game Show Scenario

Reactive vs. Deliberative Behavior

Resolution of Context-Dependent Utterances

Multimodal Interaction

Gestures: Scenario + Generation Requirements

Ontology-based Representation of Gestures and their Semantics

Gesture Taxonomy in VirtualHuman

Example Gestures

Technical Setup of the Commercial Spin-off for Volkswagen

Birds Eye View of the Edutainment Installation COHIBIT

Professional Design of the Graspable Car Pieces with Integrated RFID Tags

Architecture of COHIBIT

Example Interaction with COHIBIT

External Presentations of the VirtualHuman Consortium

Recent Project Reviews, Workshops and Meetings

Selected Papers and Lectures I

Selected Papers and Lectures II