Personalized Interface Agents for Virtual Webpages


Three Generations of Web Sites

What is a Virtual Web Page?

AiA: Information Integration for Virtual Webpages

Virtual Webpage Retrieved from 5 Different Servers

Virtual Webpage Augmented by Persona

What are Agent- based User Interfaces?

Intelligent Web Services

Enhancement of User Interfaces through Personalization

Persona as a Personal Travel Consultant

The Personal Picture Finder

A Netbot for Portrait Photos: The Personal Picture Finder

Personalized Package Presentation by an Animated Agent

Video Character Presents the Interior of a Boeing 757

Reactive Behavior of the Persona Agent

PPP's Persona Server implements a generic Presentation Agent that can be easily adapted to various applications

The frames of the visual appearance of persona can be cartoon-like images or video-frames which show real persons

The Persona Editor

Context-Sensitive Decomposition of Persona Actions

PPP System Architecture

Extensions of the Representation Formalism

Presentation Strategies in PPP contain qualitative and metric constraints

The Combination of Retrieved and Generated Media Objects for Virtual Webpages

The Combination of Retrieved and Generated Media Objects for Virtual Webpages

Persona Presents an Automatically Designed Business Chart

Virtual Webpage with Animation Effects Based on a Single GIF Image

Transition Effects in a Series of Retrieved Pictures

The Generation of Virtual Webpages with PAN and AiA


PET: Persona-Enabling Toolkit

The Persona Markup Language

Functional View of PET

Tasks of PET

The Bidirectional Control Flow on Persona-Enabled Webpages


Persona Active Elements (PAE)

Use of a Life-like Character for Electronic Commerce

Use of a Life-like Character for Electronic Commerce

Personified Agents Increase the User's Trust in the System's Presentation

Impact of the modality of a Presentation on the User's Trustfulness

Sending Interface Agents to Clients: Plug-Ins or Applets?

SmartKom: Intuitive Multimodal Interaction

SmartKom-Public: A Multimodal Communication Booth

SmartKom-Mobile: A Handheld Communication Assistant

SmartKom-Home/Office: A Versatile Agent-based Interface

Our Research Agenda for Agent-based Interfaces (Wahlster, André, Rist, Müller, Graf etc;

Use of a Life-like Character for Electronic Commerce

Current and Future Work: Multiple Interface Agents for User-adaptive Decision Support

Multiple Interface Agents

Multi-User Interaction with Multiple interface Agents for Ecommerce on a Single WebTV

Intelligent Interface Technology is a Prerequisite for Advanced WebCommerce

Research on Personalized Interface Agents brings disparate subfields in the area of intelligent systems together



The WebPersona and Virtual Webpages Team at DFKI