Generating Virtual Webpages


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Generating Virtual Webpages

Three Generations of Web Sites

What is a Virtual Web Page?

AiA: Information Integration for Virtual Webpages

Virtual Webpage Retrieved from 5 Different Servers

The Combination of Retrieved and Generated Media Objects for Virtual Webpages

The Combination of Retrieved and Generated Media Objects for Virtual Webpages

Operational Models of Referential Semantics for Robots and Netbots (Wahlster 1999)

Enhancement of User Interfaces through Personalization

The Role of Ontological Annotations for the Generation and Analysis of Virtual Webpages (Wahlster 1999)


Towards Plan-based Multimodal Interface Agents

The Generation of Virtual Webpages with PAN and AiA

Persona as a Personal Travel Consultant


PPP's Persona Server implements a generic Presentation Agent that can be easily adapted to various applications

Classification of Persona Gestures (Andre, Baldes, Rist)

Context-Sensitive Decomposition of Persona Actions

Extensions of the Representation Formalism

Persona Presents an Automatically Designed Business Chart

Virtual Webpage with Animation Effects Based on a Single GIF Image

Transition Effects in a Series of Retrieved Pictures

PET: Persona-Enabling Toolkit (Müller, Neurohr)

The Persona Markup Language

Tasks of PET

Functional View of PET

The Bidirectional Control Flow on Persona-Enabled Webpages


Persona Active Elements (PAE)

Spatial and Temporal Coordination of Multimedia Presentations


Processing Steps

Example of a Plan Operator

Representation of Spatial and Temporal Constraints

Resulting SMIL-Document


Synchronization of Persona Actions with other Media Objects (Andre, Kleinbauer)

Synchronization of Persona Actions

SMIL Specification for Persona Presentation

Resulting Timeline Diagram

Using SMIL to Synchronize Persona Actions


Information Extraction Agents

The Trainable Information Agents Framework (Bauer, Dengler)

High Degree of Parallelism of Queries

Knowledge about a Webpage Shared by User and Agent

Example - Ontology

Query Planning - I

Query Planning - IV

Query Plan Visualization

Using the presentation planner to serve mobile users (Rist)



Use of a Life-like Character for Electronic Commerce

Simulated Dialogues as a Novel Presentation Technique

Presentation Teams (Andre, Rist, Klesen)

Underlying Knowledge Base

Example of a Dialogue Strategy

Plan Generation and Plan Recognition as Dual Processes


The WebPersona and Virtual Webpages Team at DFKI

Author: Wolfgang Wahlster


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