Personalized Web Interaction


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Table of Contents

Personalized Web Interaction

Three Generations of Webpages

Outline of the Talk

What is a Virtual Webpage?

Virtual Webpage Retrieved from 5 Different Servers

The Basic Structure of an Adaptive Software System

Two Meanings of Personalization

Personalized Web Interaction: A Transdisciplinary Field

Major Application Areas for Personalized Web Interaction

The Need for Personalization: Adaptive Interaction with Mobile Devices

From Explicit to Implicit Input for User Model Acquisition

A “Web of Meaning“ has more Personalization Potential than a “Web of Links“

Mapping Web Content Onto a Variety of Structures and Layouts

The Architecture of WIP (cf. [Wahlster et al. 91]): The First System for the Plan-based Personalization of Presentations

Component Technologies for Personalized Web Interaction

Creating Personalized Webpages

Creating a New Webpage from Available Media Objects

Finding Adequate Layouts Options by Constraint Solving

Example of a Layout Constraint (Kröner 2002)

Exploiting User Preferences to Select a Solution

AiA: Information Integration for Virtual Webpages

The Generation of Virtual Webpages with PAN and AiA

Persona as a Personal Travel Consultant

The Combination of Retrieved and Generated Media Objects for Virtual Webpages

The Combination of Retrieved and Generated Media Objects for Virtual Webpages

Our Approach to the Autoanimation of Life-Like Characters

The planning process decomposes complex presentation tasks until elementary presentation acts are worked out

From the Presentation Task to the Executable Script

DFKI’s Presentation Planner Can be Used to Generate Scripts for Various Player Technologies

Plan-based Generation of Input to a MPEG4 Player (e.g., Greta-Player by C. Pelachaud)

Personalization Through Multimodal Dialogue Agents: The User Converses with a Presentation Agent

SmartKom`s SDDP Interaction Metaphor

SmartKom: A Transportable Interface Agent

Personalized Interaction with WebTVs via SmartKom (DFKI with Sony, Philips, Siemens)

Presentation Teams

Presentation Teams in the MIAU Project (Wahlster, Rist, André, Baldes 2001)

The Adaptation of Presentation Agents in MIAU

Interactive Presentation Teams in MIAU (DFKI)

The Development of Personalized Webpages

Personalized Multiparty Interaction with Multiple Interface Agents

Tailoring Web Presentations to the User's Affective State

Using Facial Expression Recognition for Affective Personalization

Personalized Car Entertainment (DFKI for Bosch)

Recent Overviews about Personalized Web Interaction


Author:Wolfgang Wahlster



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