Virtual Sales Agent for Personalized Internet Shopping


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Table of Contents

Virtual Sales Agent for Personalized Internet Shopping

Three Generations of Web Sites

What are Virtual Sales Agents?

The Idea of Personalized Netbots

Intelligent Web Services

Intelligent Agent Technology is a Prerequisite for Advanced WebCommerce

Virtual Market Places with Human and Machine Agents

Five Generations of Internet Applications

Towards Mobile and Speech-based E-Commerce Using WAP Phones

What is a Virtual Web Page?

Virtual Webpage Retrieved from 5 Different Servers

AiA: Information Integration for Virtual Webpages

The Generation of Virtual Webpages with PAN and AiA

Persona as a Personal Travel Consultant

A Natural Language Agent for Finding Pre-Owned Porsche Cars

Enhanced ECommerce through Personalization

PPP's Persona Server implements a generic Presentation Agent that can be easily adapted to various applications

Classification of Persona Gestures

Context-Sensitive Decomposition of Persona Actions

Extensions of the Representation Formalism

PET: Persona-Enabling Toolkit

The Persona Markup Language

Functional View of PET

The Bidirectional Control Flow on Persona-Enabled Webpages

Porsche 911 & Boxter

Persona Active Elements (PAE)

A Virtual Sales Agent for OTTO – World’s Largest Tele-Ordering Company

DFKI's Ecommerce Presentation Planner has been extended to accommodate for various target platforms through the introduction of a mark-up language layer

Information Extraction Agents

Use of a Life-like Character for Electronic Commerce

Simulated Dialogues as a Novel Presentation Technique

Presentation Teams for Advanced ECommerce

Underlying Knowledge Base

Example of a Dialogue Strategy

Current and Future Work: Multiple Interface Agents for User-adaptive Decision Support

Personified Agents Increase the User's Trust in the System's Presentation

Impact of the modality of a Presentation on the User's Trustfulness

Sending Interface Agents to Clients: Plug-Ins or Applets?

Research on Personalized Interface Agents brings disparate subfields in the area of intelligent systems together



Author: Wolfgang Wahlster



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