Virtual Sales Agent for Personalized Internet Shopping

Three Generations of Web Sites

What are Virtual Sales Agents?

The Idea of Personalized Netbots

Intelligent Web Services

Intelligent Agent Technology is a Prerequisite for Advanced WebCommerce

Virtual Market Places with Human and Machine Agents

Five Generations of Internet Applications

Towards Mobile and Speech-based E-Commerce Using WAP Phones

What is a Virtual Web Page?

Virtual Webpage Retrieved from 5 Different Servers

AiA: Information Integration for Virtual Webpages

The Generation of Virtual Webpages with PAN and AiA

Persona as a Personal Travel Consultant

A Natural Language Agent for Finding Pre-Owned Porsche Cars

Enhanced ECommerce through Personalization

PPP's Persona Server implements a generic Presentation Agent that can be easily adapted to various applications

Classification of Persona Gestures

Context-Sensitive Decomposition of Persona Actions

Extensions of the Representation Formalism

PET: Persona-Enabling Toolkit

The Persona Markup Language

Functional View of PET

The Bidirectional Control Flow on Persona-Enabled Webpages

Porsche 911 & Boxter

Persona Active Elements (PAE)

A Virtual Sales Agent for OTTO – World’s Largest Tele-Ordering Company

DFKI's Ecommerce Presentation Planner has been extended to accommodate for various target platforms through the introduction of a mark-up language layer

Information Extraction Agents

Use of a Life-like Character for Electronic Commerce

Simulated Dialogues as a Novel Presentation Technique

Presentation Teams for Advanced ECommerce

Underlying Knowledge Base

Example of a Dialogue Strategy

Current and Future Work: Multiple Interface Agents for User-adaptive Decision Support

Personified Agents Increase the User's Trust in the System's Presentation

Impact of the modality of a Presentation on the User's Trustfulness

Sending Interface Agents to Clients: Plug-Ins or Applets?

Research on Personalized Interface Agents brings disparate subfields in the area of intelligent systems together