Mobile Speech-to-Speech Translation of Spontaneous Dialogs


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Table of Contents

Verbmobil: Multilingual Processing of Spontaneous Speech

Mobile Speech-to-Speech Translation of Spontaneous Dialogs

Mobile Speech-to-Speech Translation of Spontaneous Dialogs

Verbmobil is a Multilingual System

Challenges for Language Engineering

Context-Sensitive Speech-to-Speech Translation

Verbmobil: The First Speech-Only Dialog Translation System

Verbmobil II: Three Domains of Discourse

The Control Panel of Verbmobil

From a Multi-Agent Architecture to a Multi-Blackboard Architecture

A Multi-Blackboard Architecture for the Combination of Results from Deep and Shallow Processing Modules

Verbmobil as the First Dialog Translation System that Uses Prosodic Information Systematically at All Processing Stages

Integrating Shallow and Deep Analysis Components in a Multi-Blackboard Architecture

Verbmobil's Massive Data Collection Effort

Extracting Statistical Properties from Large Corpora

VHG: A Packed Chart Representation of Partial Semantic Representations

Robust Dialog Semantics: Deep Processing of Shallow Structures

Robust Dialog Semantics: Combining and Completing Partial Representations

The Understanding of Spontaneous Speech Repairs

Integrating a Deep HPSG-based Analysis with Probabilistic Dialog Act Recognition for Semantic Transfer

Combining Statistical and Symbolic Processing for Dialog Processing

Using Context and World Knowledge for Semantic Transfer

Automatic Generation of Multilingual Protocols of Telephone Conversations

Integrating Deep and Shallow Processing: Combining Results from Concurrent Translation Threads

Verbmobil: Long-Term, Large-Scale Funding and Its Impact

More than 80% of Verbmobil's Translations are Approximately Correct

Checklist for Final Verbmobil System I

Checklist for Final Verbmobil System II

Checklist for Final Verbmobil System III

Results of the Verbmobil Project have been used in 17 Spin-Off Products by the Industrial Partners DaimlerChrysler, Philips and Siemens

Successful Technology Transfer: 6 High-Tec Spin-Off Companies in the Area of Language Technology have been founded by Verbmobil Researchers

Verbmobil was the Key Resource for the Education and Training of Researchers and Engineers Needed to Build Up Language Industry in Germany

SmartKom: Intuitive Multimodal Interaction

SmartKom-Public: A Multimodal Communication Booth

SmartKom-Mobile: A Handheld Communication Assistant

Verbmobil is a Very Large Dialog System

Additional Information about Verbmobil during COLING

Conclusion I

Conclusion II

Conclusion III

Additional Results (not promised in the project proposal)

Author: Wolfgang Wahlster


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