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Dr. Norbert ReithingerDr. Norbert Reithinger

Principal Researcher and Research Fellow in the Intelligent User Interfaces department

DFKI GmbH - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

DFKI Projektbüro Berlin
Alt-Moabit 91c
D-10559 Berlin, Germany

Fon: +49 30 23895 1802
Fon: +49 159 0261 0916 (mobile)

Email: norbert punkt/dot reithinger klammeraffe/at dfki.de (If you don't get an answer to an e-mail, it might be blocked by various spam filters.)

The information in this page may be outdated. Use at your own risk!

Research interests

  • Innovative multimodal interfaces using speech, haptics etc.
  • Anything that has to do with dialogue control and dialogue recovery, e.g. clarification dialogues
  • Implemented multimodal systems
  • Implementing multimodal systems
  • Translation systems
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Current (public) projects

Past (public) projects (links may or may not work)

Some Ressources

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Current and (some) past conferences and workshops I was somehow involved with

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Some recent talks (links lead to PDF-versions of the talk)

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Miscellaneous old stuff

Portrait in the DFKI Newsletter 17, 1/2006 (German, PDF) (Complete Newsletter)

Interview with tagesschau.de (06.08.2007) (German, PDF)

Interview with POTATO (07.12.2007) (German, PDF)

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