Seminar: Advanced Topics in Services Computing

Hauptseminar an der Universitaet des Saarlandes, FR 6.2 Informatik, LVst 94717

The following list of topics for the seminar is structured into the categories of discovery and composition of web services and semantic web services. Selected surveys of relevant fields are indicated and expected to be read by registered participants, as appropriate, before the presentations on the special topics in the respective category start.

The background literature and all papers listed below for the topics are available at the CS library of the Saarland University (

Please note that the number of available topics does not necessarily correspond with the number of available slots for presentations as indicated in the seminar schedule.

Topics which have been CURRENTLY ASSIGNED to participants for presentation at the seminar are MARKED IN RED.

Service Discovery

Selected background literature:


Topic / Literature


Web service selection (1)

  • E. Stroulia, Y. Wang: “Structural and Semantic Matching for Assessing Web Service Similarity”. Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, 14(4), World Scientific. 2005
  • Zinnikus, H-J. Rupp, K. Fischer: “Detecting Similarities between Web Service Interfaces: The WSDL Analyzer”. Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Web Services and Interoperability; Wiley. 2006
  • WSDL


Web service selection (2)

  • R.R. Khorasgani, E. Stroulia, O.R. Zaiane: “Web Service Matching for RESTful Web Services”. Proceedings of 13th IEEE International Symposium on Web Systems Evaluation; IEEE. 2011 
  • P.A. Ly, C. Pedrinaci, J. Domingue: “Automated Information Extraction from Web APIs Documentation”. Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Web Information System Engineering. 2012
  • REST


Web service search and selection (3)

  • L. Baresi, M. Miraz, P. Plebani: "A Distributed Architecture for Efficient Web Service Discovery". Journal of Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Springer, 2015
  • P. Plebani, B. Pernici: “URBE: Web Service Retrieval Based on Similarity Evaluation”. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 21(11), IEEE. 2009


Semantic web service selection (1)

  • T.G. Stavropoulos, S. Andreadis, N. Bassiliades, D. Vrakas, I. Vlahavas: “The TOMACO Hybrid Matching Framework for SAWSDL Semantic Web Services”. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 99, IEEE. 2015
  • W3C Standard SA-WSDL


Semantic web service selection (2)

  • M. Klusch, P. Kapahnke: “The iSeM Matchmaker: A Flexible Approach for Adaptive Hybrid Semantic Service Selection”. Journal of Web Semantics, 15, Elsevier. 2012
  • W3C Recommendation OWL-S


Semantic P2P service discovery (1)

  • G. Pirro, D. Talia, P. Trunfio: “A DHT-based Semantic Overlay Network for Service Discovery”. Journal of Future Generation Computing Systems, 28(4). 2012
  • G. Pirro, D. Talia, P. Trunfio, P. Missier, C. Goble: “ERGOT: Combining DHTs and SONs for Semantic-Based Service Discovery on the Grid”. CoreGRID Technical Report TR-0177, CoreGrid NoE. 2008


Semantic P2P service discovery (2)

  • D. Skoutas, D. Sacharidis, V. Kantere, T. Sellis: “Efficient Semantic Web Service Discovery in Centralized and P2P Environments”. Proceedings of 7th International Semantic Web Conference, LNCS, Springer. 2008
  • V. Kantere, S. Skiadopoulos, T. Sellis: “Storing and Indexing Spatial Data in P2P Systems”. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 21(2), IEEE. 2009

Service Composition

Selected background literature:


Topic / Literature


Functional web service composition (1)

  • J. Bellido, R. Alarcon, C. Pautasso: “Control-Flow Patterns for Decentralized RESTful Service Composition”. ACM Transactions on the Web, 8(1), ACM. 2013
  • C. Pautasso: “RESTful Web service composition with BPEL for REST”. Journal of Data Knowledge and Engineering, 68(9), Elsevier. 2009


Functional web service composition (2)

  • Z. Qian, Z. Wang, T. Xu, S. Lu: “A Dynamic Service Composition Schema for Pervasive Computing”. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Springer. 2010
  • Petri nets


Decentralized functional web service composition

  • S. Kalasapur, M. Kumar, B. Shirazi: “Dynamic Service Composition in Pervasive Computing”. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 18(7). 2007


QoS-aware web service composition (1)

  • Z. Ye, A. Bouguettaya, X. Zhou: “Economic Model-Driven Cloud Service Composition”. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 14(2-3), ACM. 2014
  • Cloud services


QoS-aware web service composition (2)

  • A. Mostafa, M. Zhang: "Multi-Objective Service Composition in Uncertain Environments", IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE. 2015
  • Reinforcement learning, POMDP


Parallel non-functional web service composition

  • S. Deng, L. Huang, W. Tan, Z. Wu: “Top-k Automatic Service Composition: A Parallel Method for Large-Scale Service Sets”. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 11(3), IEEE. 2014


Model-driven web service composition

  • S. Arifulina, S. Walther, M. Becker, MC. Platenius: “SeSAME: Modeling and Analyzing High-Quality Service Compositions.” Proceedings of 29th ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ACM. 2014
  • S. Becker, H. Koziolek, R. Reussner: “The Palladio Component Model for Model-driven Performance Prediction”. Journal for Systems and Software, Elsevier. 2009
  • M. C. Platenius, S. Arifulina, R. Petrlic, W. Schaefer: “Matching of incomplete service specifications exemplified by privacy policy matching”. Proceedings 4th International Workshop on Adaptive Services for the Future Internet. 2014


Privacy-aware web service composition

  • E. Costante, F. Paci, N. Zannone: “Privacy-Aware Web Service Composition and Ranking”. Journal of Web Services Research, 10(3), Springer. 2013
  • E. Tbahriti, C. Ghedira, B. Medjahed, M. Mrissa:  “Privacy-Enhanced Web Service Composition”. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 7(2), IEEE. 2015


Semantic web service composition (1)

  • P. Rodriguez-Mier, C. Pedrinaci, M. Lama, M. Mucientes: “An Integrated Semantic Web Service Discovery and Composition Framework”. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE. 2015
  • P. Rodriguez-Mier, M. Mucientes, M. Lama: “Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Large-Scale QoS-Aware Service Composition”. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE. 2015


Semantic web service composition (2)

  • J. Puttonen, A. Lobov, M.A. Cavia Sotot, J.L. Martinez Lastra: “Planning-Based Semantic Web Service Composition in Factory Automation”. Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, 29(4), Elsevier. 2015
  • Planning: BFS-based, JavaFF, GraphPlan; Conversion WSDL2OWL-S, planning problem in PDDL


Semantic web service composition (3)

  • G. Kahl, M. Klusch, I. Zinnikus, J. Schimmelpfennig, M. Zapp: “ADIGE: Semantic Business Process Management for Smart Retail Environments”. Proceedings of 17th ACM International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services (iiWAS), ACM. 2015
  • Planning: OWLS-Xplan 2.0 (tool available from DFKI I2S team)
    • M. Klusch, K. Renner: “Fast Dynamic Re-Planning of Composite OWL-S Services”. Proceedings of 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Service Composition, IEEE. 2006 


Semantic web service composition (4)

  • X. Song, w. Dou, J. Chen: “A Workflow Framework for Intelligent Service Composition”. Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems, 27, Elsevier. 2011
  • Planning: SHOP2
    • D. Nau, TC. Au, O. Ilghami: “SHOP2: An HTN Planning System“. Journal of AI Research, 20, AIAF. 2003
  • Constraint satisfaction (non-functional)


Semantic web service composition (5)

  • J. Hoffmann, P. Bertoli, M. Helmert, M. Pistore: “Message-Based Web Service Composition, Integrity Constraints, and Planning Under Uncertainty: A New Connection”. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 35, AIAF. 2009


Semantic P2P service search and composition (1)

  • Furno, E. Zimeo: “Self-Scaling Cooperative Discovery of Service Compositions in Unstructured P2P Networks”. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Elsevier. 2014


Semantic P2P service search and composition (2)

  • X. Cao, P. Kapahnke, M. Klusch: “SPSC: Efficient Composition of Semantic Services in Unstructured P2P Networks”. Proceedings of 12th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), LNCS 9088, Springer. 2015