CIA-2003 Awards

The CIA 2003 workshop issues a best paper and system award to acknowledge highly innovative research and development, respectively,
in the area of intelligent information agents. Only submissions to the CIA 2003 workshop will be evaluated.

CIA Best Paper Award 2003

This year's award is sponsored by 

According to the voting by the PC, sponsor, and organisational board, the winner is 

“Ostensive Automatic Schema Mapping for Taxonomy-based Peer-to-Peer Systems”
by Yannis Tzitzikas and Carlo Meghini (Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’ Informazione;
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa, Italy)

published in the CIA 2003 workshop proceedings: Springer, LNAI vol. 2782.

Former winners of the CIA Best Paper Award are as follows:

CIA 2002 (LNAI 2446)
"Acquiring an Optimal Amount of Information for Choosing from Alternatives"
by Rina Azoulay-Schwartz and Sarit Kraus (Israel, USA)

CIA 2001 (LNAI 2182)

"Optimality and Risk in Purchase at Multiple Auctions"
by Onn Shehory (IBM Research, Israel)


CIA System Innovation Award 2003

This year's award is sponsored by 

According to the voting by the PC, sponsor, organisational board, as well as a public voting by participants of the workshop
right after the demonstration of the finalist systems, the winner is

ACCESS - An Agent System for Ubiquitous Service Delivery 
Developed by Conor Muldoon, Gregory O' Hare, Donnacha Phelan, Robin Strahan, and Rem Collier
(University College of Dublin, Ireland)

Former winners of the CIA System Innovation Award are as follows:

CIA 2002

CIA 2001

Nominations for the system innovation award can be placed either by the extended organisational board of the workshop (PC, chairs, sponsors) concerning some regular paper submitted to the workshop, or by the author(s)/developer(s) themselves via an explicit request for nomination sent to one of the co-chairs of the workshop. Each nominee is requested to demonstrate a running prototype of the nominated system at the workshop to all participants and the jury. Requests for nomination: Explicit request by author/developer (no need to submit a regular paper): Please send a brief description of your system of information agents (max. 4 pages, informal, including figures, references) in terms of its (1) core functionality, main techniques used, and (publicly available reference to) experimental results, and (2) a brief summary of the innovative features of your system in comparison to other existing systems. Request via regular paper: If a regular paper you have submitted to the CIA workshop includes such a description it is automatically eligible for nomination by the extended organisational board (PC, chairs, sponsors). The deadline for sending explicit requests for nominations to the co-chairs of the workshop is equivalent to the paper submission deadline: April 7, 2003.

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