Research Team I2S

Intelligent Information Systems

Bachelor/Master Thesis

Selected Topic Areas:

  • Semantic Data Stream Processing on GPU and in the Cloud
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning and Planning
  • Semantic Deep Learning for 3D Scene Interpretation
  • Semantic Deep Learning for Image Generation
  • Dynamic Functional and QoS-based Service Composition Planning 
  • Dynamic and Distributed Constraint Optimisation Problem Solving on GPU and in the Cloud
  • Semantic Service-Based Business Process Optimisation at Runtime
  • Quantum Algorithms for Service Selection (in libquantum/QCL/LIQUi|>)

and more ...

For detailed information on any of the above themes in particular, or if you are interested in doing your master or bachelor thesis with us in general, please do not hesitate tocontact us.

The concrete content and scope of work required for each of the aforementioned themes depends on the chosen type of thesis (Bachelor or Master thesis).

There is the option to start with a BSc thesis on a certain topic and, if successful, to further elaborate on related challenges in the domain in a MSc thesis.