Program Brochure (pdf), Pictures from the event

Aims & Scope

Quantum modeling (QM) based on quantum mechanics is being applied to domains such as artificial intelligence, human language, cognition, information retrieval, biology, political science, economics, organizations, and social interaction. After highly successful meetings at Stanford (QI-2007) and Oxford (QI-2008), the Third International Quantum Interaction Symposium (QI-2009) will bring together researchers interested in advancing and applying the methods and structures of QM to these and other domains outside of quantum physics:

  • Advancement of theory and experimentation for applying quantum mechanics to nonquantum domains
  • Use of quantum algorithms to address, or to more efficiently solve, problems in nonquantum domains (including contrasts between classical vs. quantum methods)
  • Practical applications to quantum domains, such as implementation of AI, or Information Retrieval (IR) techniques, on one or multiple networked quantum computers


Call for Papers (pdf, 2-pages)

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