Long Papers (15 pages)

  1. Comparison of Quantum and Bayesian Inference Models.
    Jerome Busemeyer and Jennifer Trueblood
  2. Quantum and Classical Structures in Nondeterministic Computation.
    Dusko Pavlovic
  3. Extracting Spooky-Activation-at-a-Distance From Considerations of Entanglement.
    Peter Bruza, Kirsty Kitto, Douglas Nelson and Cathy McEvoy
  4. Generalising Unitary Time Evolution.
    Kirsty Kitto, Peter Bruza and Laurianne Sitbon
  5. Fractals and the Fock-Bargman Representation of Coherent States.
    Giuseppe Vitiello
  6. Quantum-like Representation of Macroscopic Configurations.
    Andrei Khrennikov
  7. Quantum Amplitude Amplification Algorithm: An Explanation of Availability Bias.
    Riccardo Franco
  8. A Symbolic Classical Computer Language for Simulation of Quantum Algorithms.
    Peter Nyman
  9. Beyond Ontology in Information Systems.
    Christian Flender, Kirsty Kitto and Peter Bruza
  10. Characterizing High-Order Entanglements in Lexical Semantic Spaces Through Information Geometry.
    Hou Yuexian and Dawei Song
  11. Semantic Vector Combinations and the Synoptic Gospels.
    Dominic Widdows and Trevor Cohen
  12. Eraser Lattices and Semantic Contents.
    Alvaro Huertas-Rosero, Leif Azzopardi and Keith van Rijsbergen
  13. Semantic Spaces: Measuring the Distance between Different Subspaces.
    Guido Zuccon, Leif Azzopardi and Keith van Rijsbergen
  14. Classical Logical versus Quantum Conceptual Thought: Examples in Economy, Decision Theory and Concept Theory.
    Diederik Aerts and Bart D'Hooghe
  15. Hilbert Space Models Commodity Exchanges.
    Paul Cockshott
  16. TI-Games : An Exploration Type Indeterminacy in Strategic Decision-Making.
    Ariane Lambert Mogiliansky and Jerome Busemeyer
  17. On Voting Process and Quantum Mechanics.
    Francois Dubois
  18. Experimental Evidence for Quantum Structure in Cognition.
    Diederik Aerts, Sven Aerts and Liane Gabora Gabora
  19. Nonseparability of Shared Intentionality.
    Christian Flender, Kirsty Kitto and Peter Bruza
  20. Quantum Coherence without Quantum Mechanics in Modeling the Unity of Consciousness.
    Marcin Schroeder
  21. Conservation of Information: A New Approach To Organizing Human-Machine-Robotic Agents Under Uncertainty
    William Lawless and Donald Sofge

Short Position Papers (10 pages):

  1. Structured Information Retrieval and Quantum Theory.
    Benjamin Piwowarski and Mounia Lalmas
  2. Quantum Calculus (q-calculus) and Option Pricing: A Brief Introduction
    Emmanuel Haven
  3. Quantum Theory, the Chinese Room Argument and the Symbol Grounding Problem.
    Ravi Gomatam
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