Annual International Contest S3 on

Semantic Service Selection

Retrieval Performance Evaluation of Matchmakers for Semantic Web Services

Track 1: OWL-S matchmakers  [Entries: 11]

    Test collection: OWLS-TC 4.0 (@semwebcentral, @DFKI)

    Participants: 7 matchmakers of the 2010/2011 edition

    plus new entries

    • EMMA 2.1 (U Seville, Spain)
    • NUWA (URJC, Spain)
    • iSeM-TSM1 (U Tabriz, Iran / DFKI, Germany)
    • SeMa2 2.0 (TU Berlin, Germany)

Track 2: SAWSDL matchmakers [Entries: 7]

    Test collection: SAWSDL-TC 3.0 (@semwebcentral, @DFKI)

    Participants: 6 matchmakers of the 2010/2011 edition

    plus new entry:

    • NUWA (URJC, Spain)

Track 3: hRESTS, MicroWSMO matchmakers [Entries: 2]

    Test collection: hRESTS 3.1 (@semwebcentral, @DFKI)


    • NUWA (URJC, Spain)
    • XAM4SWS (TU Darmstadt, Germany)


Final evaluation results will be provided in the summary report as usual and possibly presented at an international event still to be selected.