Smart phones became our daily companions to get along with our daily tasks. We use them to make decisions and inform ourselves. However, this becomes harder from day to day since the amount of information increases. In this seminar we will look into systems that support mobile users in finding the right items at the right time, at the right place (e.g. friends to people who have been at the same party, barcode scanner apps during shopping). We will discuss different approaches for recommending various items and implement our own ideas within new apps. For instance, this might be apps for recommending other apps, suggesting status tags for social networks, recommending products in grocery stores, finding restaurants for dinner, finding new friends on social networks, or finding the right music tracks for the current mood.



Students should have strong skills in Java programming, experience with Android is a plus. We will work in groups. You can now pre-register for the seminar by filling out this form. Depending on the number of requests there will be a limited number of places available, i.e. first come, first served. Please note that you have to attend the first seminar meeting to definitely get in.

Please note, that the seminar is already booked out. Any additional pre-registration will be added to the waiting list.


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