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Computational Lingustics
Master Programme
Winter Semester 2009



The submission deadline for the written report is 1st April 2010. You may submit an electronic or a printed copy of your report.


General Information

Moderator: Günter Neumann


In this seminar, we will study state of the art methods and technology for mining meaning from Wikipedia. After a short introduction into the topic of text based information management, we will review different natural language problems in which Wikipedia has been used (e.g., semantic relatedness, word sense disambiguation, coreference resolution). In the second part of the seminar, we will study application-oriented approaches, e.g., Wikipedia-oriented information extraction and question answering, and Wikipedia-based construction of ontologies.

Seminar Language: English

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Günter Neumann
Günter Neumann
Günter Neumann
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*We have to move to Friday because I am out of office on Monday.

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Overview and foundations

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Automatising the Learning of Lexical Patterns

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Query expansion with Wikipedia

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Wiktionary and MT

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Wikipedia and Wiktionary for CLIR

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Named Entity Recognition

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Relation Extraction

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Ontology extraction

Yago Home page.

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The investigation of Wikipedia Revision History

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Written Report

Students enrolled in the Master's programme can choose to submit a written report (see available certificate modalities). The length of the written report is restricted to eight pages, disregarding bibliographical sources. For this purpose, the linked conference-style template should be used (available for Latex and MS Word). The submission deadline is 1st April 2010. The written report should have the the style of conference proceedings. We expect you to digest the material related to your topic and perform further research. In your report, you should add value to the available information by comparing, criticizing, and highlighting plus points. We want to encourage you to think and develop your own opinion, and will disapprove of copy-pasting. If you have questions on the written report, we will be happy to help you.

You can turn in your report in electronic or print form. Electronic copies should be submitted via e-mail to the following addresses: