Audio and Video


Interview on the topic Artificial Intelligence, FBK-IRST, Trento, 18.05.2018

Interview on the topic Industrie 4.0 during Industry of Things World Conference, WE.MEDIA, Berlin, 19.09.2016

Industrie 4.0: Active Semantic Product Memories for Smart Factories, IDA 30 Year Celebration Seminar, Linköping, 24.09.2013

Language Technology for Big Data Analytics, Keynote talk at MetaForum 2013, Berlin 20.09.2013

Situated Learning and Assistance Technologies for Industry 4.0, Keynote talk at EC-TEL 2012, Saarbrücken, 20.09.2012

Industry 4.0: From the Internet of Things to Smart Factories, Keynote @ 3rd European Summit on the Future Internet in Espoo 31.05.2012

Future Spoken Dialog Systems: Multimodal, Multilingual, Multiparty, Multitask, Keynote Lecture, thMETAnk Workshop 2010, Berlin, 5 June 2010

The Semantic Product Memory: An Interactive Black Box for Smart Objects, Keynote Lecture, 7th Extended Semantic Web Conference 2010 (eswc10), Heraklion, 02 June 2010

20 Years of Research Cooperation: ICSI – DFKI, ICSI’s 20th Anniversary, Berkeley, 17.10.2008