DOMe-IoT 2012 Workshop

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DOMe-IoT 2012

The Internet of Things connects digital information sources with physical objects - which transforms an artifact from being a passive object into a ‘thing’ that may link to data, store data and even offer data to users. Digital Object Memories (DOMe) comprise hardware and software components, which together provide an open and universal platform for capturing, associating, and interacting with the digital information of connected objects - including storage, documentation and provision of information concerning actions an object is or might be involved in. DOMe-IoT will continue an established workshop series on digital object memories. In 2012, its focus is on research issues related to agency and digital object memories. Things will be enabled to make suggestions and propositions to human users - which implies that an object may have a level of agency. The latter concept is a striking possibility that may change the way that we further relate to objects.


The goal of this workshop is twofold: 1.) initiate a conversation concerning the potential for objects to develop agency; and 2.) explore how data that is associated with an object may leverage real-world actions. Following this general direction, the workshop will devote special attention to questions related to the modeling of agency for object memories, combining physical artifacts and their digital representation with services in the virtual and actors in the real world, how to identify actions (tasks) supported by an object and its memory, and effects (added value as well as user experience) resulting from this approach.

The workshop wants to bring together technical experts, artists, designers, and possible end-users of IoT systems to discuss and to leverage cooperation in future activities. It provides a hybrid interdisciplinary format that will combine traditional presentations and discussion with practice-based experimentation.

  1. Oral Presentations: In this session each of the position paper authors will be invited to present their work in a short talk followed by a brief Q/A session.
  2. Live Experiment: The workshop participants should transform physical objects into smart artifacts supporting agency - concerning digital services as well as actions related to the object. A toolkit/framework and methods provided by the organizers will support participants in solving tasks such as tagging objects, associating action knowledge and/or linking services in an explorative manner.
  3. Discussion Session 2: All participants will be invited to discuss and scrutinize topics and questions raised by the presented position papers and the experiment. As outcome of this discussion, a set of agency-related functions for object memories should be defined.

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DOMe-IoT 2012 is held at Pittsburgh, PA, USA on September 8th, 2012 in conjunction with Ubicomp 2012.

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