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Kareem Amin, George Lancaster, Stelios Kapetanakis, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Andreas Dengel, Miltos Petridis

In: Proceedings of the 2019 Intelligent Systems Conference. Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys-2019) September 5-6 London United Kingdom Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Springer 9/2019.

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Alvaro Camarillo, José Ríos, Klaus-Dieter Althoff

In: John Stark. Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 4): PLM Case Studies. Pages 233-247 Decision Engineering 4 Springer 5/2019.

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Viktor Eisenstadt, Klaus-Dieter Althoff

In: Keith Brawner, Roman Barták (editor). 32nd International FLAIRS Conference. International FLAIRS Conference (FLAIRS-2019) May 19-22 Sarasota Florida United States AAAI Press 5/2019.

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OMAHA - Overall Management Architecture for Health Analysis

The high-level goal of the OMAHA project is to develop an overall management architecture for health analysis of civilian aircraft. The project covers several topics like diagnosis and prognosis of...


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