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Silke Cuno, Eckart Kramer, Norbert Reithinger, Philipp Lämmel

In: Gabriele Sturm (editor). Stadtforschung und Statistik - Zeitschrift des Verbandes Deutscher Städtestatistiker 34 2 Pages 91-96 Schibri-Verlag Uckerland 2021.

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Patrick Stadler, Luisa von Radziewsky, Norbert Reithinger

In: 2021 7th International HCI and UX Conference in Indonesia (CHIuXiD). International HCI and UX Conference (CHIuXiD-2021) Pages 16-21 1 IEEE 2021.

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Care documentation with a hybrid speech assistant

Comprehensive and accurate documentation is essential for needs-based care. In many places, the systems and processes used today for care documentation are time-consuming and prone to errors.…


Data and AI-driven development and strengthening of value chains in regional food systems.

The joint project "Stadt-Land-Flussr" (data and AI-supported development and strengthening of value chains in the field of regional food systems), SLF for short, investigates the strengthening of the…


Virtual reality in physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic pain therapy

The aim of the ViRST project is to make virtual reality technologies usable for pain therapies. The necessary sensor technology is designed and implemented as a demonstrator. Movement and language are…



Care together in mobile mehabilitation: The assistance system MoreCare

Despite limitations, many dependent people want more independence. Activating care provides help to help themselves. A promising approach to secure the long-term care or rehabilitation success is the…



Steering towards Green and Perceptive Mobility of the Future

The goal of the STREETLIFE project is the reduction of carbon emissions through a sustainable mobility concept in cities based on ICT. In particular, the aim of the project is to reduce the number of…


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