Förderprogramm THESEUS Alexandria

Werkzeuge für semantisch gestützten Zugriff auf Medieninhalte

Werkzeuge für semantisch gestützten Zugriff auf Medieninhalte

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DFKI and Neofonie are aimed to develop technologies which can automatically discover structured information (e.g., facts, events or opinions) from median texts. These technologies will be used for the further development of a user-friendly, robust and precise question-answering system. On top of the existing Alexandria platform developed by Neofonie within the THESEUS project program, research and development will be conducted to adapt the current technologies to the new content type.

DFKI will focus on the areas of ontology development, information extraction and user input analysis. Methods and technologies will be developed to deal with dynamic content. DFKI will work on the one hand on the precise information extraction technologies and on the other side on the extraction of context-based information such as opinions and reported speeches. Robust question analysis will be another topic in this research project.


  • DFKI LT-Lab
  • Neofonie GmbH

Publications about the project

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Hong Li,

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