Personal Assistant for Healthy Lifestyle

Personal Assistant for Healthy Lifestyle

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The overall aim of the project is to develop a Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle (PAL), a system that will assist the child, health professional and parent to advance the self-management of children with type 1 diabetes aged 7 - 14, so that an adequate shared patient-caregiver responsibility for child’s diabetes regimen is established before adolescence. PAL will be composed of a social robot, its (mobile) avatar, and an extendable set of (mobile) health applications, which all connect to a common knowledge-base and reasoning mechanism.

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Publications about the project

Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Rifca Peters, Bernd Kiefer, Michael A. van Bekkum, Frank Kaptein, Mark A. Neerincx

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Hans-Ulrich Krieger

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