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The EIT digital project SkinCare is developing a mobile app for patients in the context of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. The combination of patient data and image data enables decision support

Improper strain on the musculoskeletal system, repetitive movements or an ergonomically uncomfortable posture lead to complaints from many employees. In particular, older employees often suffer from d

Goals In order to optimally prepare industry, science and the society in Germany and Europe for the global Big Data trend, highly coordinated activities in research, teaching, and technology tra

The project "Live Well Work Well" (L3W) results in an online platform whose aim is to promote a better lifestyle among employees, in order to support health prevention, while providing occupational do

Stroke is one of the most severe medical problems with far-reaching public health and socio-economic impact, gathering momentum in an ageing society. PRECISE4Q sets out to minimise the burden of strok

The aim of the ViRST project is to make virtual reality technologies usable for pain therapies. The necessary sensor technology is designed and implemented as a demonstrator. Movement and language are

The EU's BigMedilytics project aims to significantly increase healthcare productivity through the adoption of big-data technologies while reducing costs, improving patients' chances of recovery and in

Continuous bladder irrigation is the standard after operations on the bladder, prostate, or kidneys to prevent complications caused by blood clots. The irrigation should be monitored constantly, but t

SiFa 4.0 hat zum Ziel, die manuellen Prozesse im Gefahrstoffmanagement weitestgehend zu automatisieren und dadurch die Kosten um 80 % zu senken. Ein besonderer Fokus wird auf den Bereich der Ersatzsto

The aim of the project Interakt (Interactive Cognitive Assessment Tool) is to improve the diagnostic process of dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment by digitizing standardized cognitive as

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