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Das Ziel von AdEPT ist die Entwicklung eines integrierten Lern- und Lehr-Werkzeugs, das, eingebettet in ein bedarfsgerechtes, anwendungsorientiertes Aus- und Weiterbildungskonzept, die Potenziale von

ARinfuse is an European project funded under Erasmus+, the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The objective of ARinfuse is to support individuals in acquiri

In Augmented Reality the real world is extended by additional information. Already common areas of application are navigation or the transmission of sports events such as football or ski jumping. Augm

The aim of the EmmA project is to develop a mobile assistance system that can be used to assess the risk of psychological stress at the workplace and to reintegrate employees after a mental illness. T

E-learning platforms allow users to learn at their own pace and at any time and any place. The constant availability of mobile internet and the ubiquitous availability of smartphones nowadays even ena

The software campus project ViRUX - Virtual Reality to Improve the User Experience in the Exploration of Process Models through Haptic Feedback investigated how virtual reality (VR) in combination

The goal of SMILE is to sustainably increase the proportion of women taking up studies in computer sciences as well as to reduce of their dropout rates in order to sustainably increase the number of f

Around 2.8 million students were enrolled at German universities in the 2016/17 winter semester – a new record. Digital teaching and learning formats are already being used in many courses of studies.

CoMem is an ecosystem based on evolving knowledge graphs integrating information silos and legacy systems as well as (personal) information sources of knowledge workers and their teams. The ecosystem

The overarching aim of the iRead project is to develop a software infrastructure of personalised, adaptive technologies and a diverse set of applications for supporting learning and teaching of readin

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz