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HumanE AI, led by the German Center for Artificial Intelligence, is a transnational research initiative on AI that strives for an ethically acceptable and value-oriented understanding of human-centere

AI4EU is the European Union’s landmark Artificial Intelligence project, which seeks to develop a European AI ecosystem, bringing together the knowledge, algorithms, tools and resources available and m

Complex head/face-based devices will become increasingly suitable for use in everyday situations in the future due to a combination of changing consumer attitudes and technical progress. The developme

In Augmented Reality the real world is extended by additional information. Already common areas of application are navigation or the transmission of sports events such as football or ski jumping. Augm

The project Mare-IT focusses on the question, how the information flow can be realized between robotic systems, control stations, systems for teleoperation, digital avatars and business information sy

In the construction and energy sectors, there is a great need to catch up in terms of digitisation. While in the field of planning in the construction industry digitisation with the support of "Buildi

Around 2.8 million students were enrolled at German universities in the 2016/17 winter semester – a new record. Digital teaching and learning formats are already being used in many courses of studies.

We propose visionary research to develop modeling, computational, and ICT tools needed to predict and influence disease spread and other contagion phenomena in complex social systems. To achieve non-i

Partners Institut für Kybernetisches Planen und Bauen e.V. (IKPB) DFKI GmbH imc information multimedia communication AG TU Kaiserslautern, Center for Cognitive Science xCon Part

The project HySociaTea (Hybrid Social Teams for Long-Term Collaboration in Cyber-Physical Environments), which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, realizes and examines

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz