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Das Experimentierfeld Agro-Nordwest fokussiert die praxisorientierte digitale Transformation im Schwerpunkt Pflanzenbau. Unter den Aspekten Ökonomie, Ökologie und Integration des Menschen werden Probl

Digitisation of agriculture (DdL), like digitisation in every field of application, requires technical permeability of the value creation networks concerned for the data generated; the actors in every

Ziel von Agri-Gain ist es, der deutschen Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft den Einsatz von KI-Technologie zu ermöglichen. Die Vision ist eine Plattform, die KI-Bausteine bereits im Anwendungskontext zur

The Project “Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System” (DAKIS) contributes to the vision for spatially and functionally diversified agricultural systems of the future with the aim to acco

Seven partners from research and industry have come together in SHARC to develop innovative concepts for sustainable energy management in port areas. Among others, the integration of renewable energy

Automation and optimisation are becoming increasingly important in agricultural processes. In addition improvements in efficiency, soil protection is gaining attention. The project SOILAssist-2 addres

The aim of this joint project is the realization of an infrastructure to provide proactive support for agriculture processes, taking silage maize harvesting as an example of use. The key component is

ODiL develops, implements and demonstrates an open plattform tor the integrated, scalable and secure representation, communication and processing of data and services in agricultural enterprises. Usin

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz