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In the processing industry a mutable production, in line with Industry 4.0, leads to necessity of fast retooling and learning processes, increased susceptibility to errors and to the necessity of resi

From an analytical, conceptual and technical point of view, the project investigates the implementation of a situation-specific recommendation system that adapts to the customer's stress level and thu

The objective of EVAREST is the development and utilization of data products as economic goods in the ecosystem of food production based on an open, technical data platform, which is designed beyond c

The project F-Predict is dedicated to creating a prediction model which can predict fertilizer prices. The experiences in financial forecasting which were gained in the project smart farming are used.

Our intended project will identify key questions related to modeling cognitive biases and how they affect interactions of individuals in social environments. In social environments, conflicts and inco

Objective of the project “Situational DialogUe Interaction in Smart Homes (SqUISH)” is to establish a better understanding of daily routines and usage situations by residents of potential smart homes

Ziel des Forschungsprojektes SMARF ist die herstellerübergreifende Vernetzung von Maschinen im landwirtschaftlichen Pflanzenbau mithilfe einer Service-Plattform. Auf Basis der über Unternehmens- und H

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz