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Das Ziel von AdEPT ist die Entwicklung eines integrierten Lern- und Lehr-Werkzeugs, das, eingebettet in ein bedarfsgerechtes, anwendungsorientiertes Aus- und Weiterbildungskonzept, die Potenziale von

HumanE AI, led by the German Center for Artificial Intelligence, is a transnational research initiative on AI that strives for an ethically acceptable and value-oriented understanding of human-centere

The Augmented Retail project, a joint effort of DFKI (Germany), SAP (Germany), VividWorks (Finland), and the University of Paris-Sud (France), brings a novel service to the retail

This Project brings KI into the Assembly of Cars Visualization and digital modeling activities are increasingly finding their place in the automotive industry as well as in a large number of dif

Complex head/face-based devices will become increasingly suitable for use in everyday situations in the future due to a combination of changing consumer attitudes and technical progress. The developme

In Augmented Reality the real world is extended by additional information. Already common areas of application are navigation or the transmission of sports events such as football or ski jumping. Augm

ROBDEKON stands for "Robot systems for decontamination in hostile environments" and is dedicated to research in the field of autonomous or semi-autonomous robot systems. It is coordinated by the Fraun

The aim of the ViRST project is to make virtual reality technologies usable for pain therapies. The necessary sensor technology is designed and implemented as a demonstrator. Movement and language are

The software campus project ViRUX - Virtual Reality to Improve the User Experience in the Exploration of Process Models through Haptic Feedback investigated how virtual reality (VR) in combination

The goal of HP-DLF is to provide researchers and developers in the "deep learning" domain an easy access to current and future high-performance computing systems. For this purpose, a new software fram

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz