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Die Leistungsbeschreibung erfolgt im Rahmen des von der IAUAI gGmbH (im Folgenden auch: „Auftraggeber“) durchgeführten und dem BMBF geförderten "KMU-innovativ-Einstiegsmodul Flächenmanagement KI4UN –

Das Experimentierfeld Agro-Nordwest fokussiert die praxisorientierte digitale Transformation im Schwerpunkt Pflanzenbau. Unter den Aspekten Ökonomie, Ökologie und Integration des Menschen werden Probl

Digitisation of agriculture (DdL), like digitisation in every field of application, requires technical permeability of the value creation networks concerned for the data generated; the actors in every

MetaDL is a project funded by the BMBF // in the field of "Artificial Intelligence". As part of the MetaDL project, we want to generate code for AI

The Research and Innovation Centre on Advanced Industrial Production (RICAIP) unlocks the research and innovation capacity of CIIRC CTU and CEITEC BUT, by establishing a strong partnership with promin

Hauptziel des Projektvorhabens AuRoRaS ist die Erforschung und Entwicklung von intelligenten Methoden, um hochauflösende automotive Radarsensoren der neuesten Generation algorithmisch und softwareseit

The aim of the VerSys project is to develop a consistent platform for early software development based on RISC-V technology , an instruction set architecture for microprocessors which has been develop

HUSSAR aims at adapting existing methods from ray-based Monte Carlo simulations of visible wavelengths for radar and implementing them in a prototype. The focus of the project is to create a solid fou

Plastic waste in the world`s oceans poses a threat to the marine ecosystem and also to humans. This type of waste is by and large produced on land and reaches the sea via rivers. In particular Asia is

The aim of the project is to develop so-called Connecting Textiles. These are to form a safe, robust and electromagnetically environmentally friendly textile-based IoT infrastructure for smart wallpap

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz