A context-dependent algorithm for generating locative expressions in physically situated environments.

John Kelleher, Geert-Jan Kruijff

In: Chris Mellish , Ehud Reiter , Kristiina Jokinen , Graham Wilcock (editor). Processdings of the 10th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation. European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG) Aberdeen, Scotland ACL 2005.


This paper presents a framework for generating locative expressions. The framework addresses the issue of combinatorial explosion inherent in the construction of relational context models by: (a) contextually defining the set of objects in the context that may function as a landmark, and (b) sequencing the order in which spatial relations are considered using a cognitively motivated hierarchy of relations. (pdf, 56 KB )

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz