Second International Workshop on Location and the Web

Erik Wilde, Susanne Boll, Keith Cheverst, Peter Fröhlich, Ross Purves, Johannes Schöning

In: LOCWEB '09: Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Location and the Web. International Workshop on Location and the Web (LocWeb-09) located at in Conjunction with CHI 09 April 4 Boston MA United States Pages 1-2 ACM International Conference Proceeding Series ISBN 978-1-60558-457-7 ACM 2009.


Location-Based Services are becoming increasingly Web-based, as a result of the availability of networked mobile devices and mobile Internet access. The Location and the Web (LocWeb) workshop targets the capabilities and constraints of Web-based location-based services, which can be imple- mented as browser-based applications, or as native appli- cations using Web services. The focus of this CHI work- shop is on developing approaches to handle the complex- ity of location-based services, specifically looking at location abstractions, location sharing, context-relevant information, privacy issues, and interface design. The goal of this work- shop is to serve as a starting point for better understand- ing how the Web has to change to embrace location as a first-level concept, and how these changes are refected in applications and user interfaces to transform the Web into a platform for location-based services.

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