Building Fast Multi-Agent Systems using Hardware Design Languages for High-Throughput Systems

Jannis Ulrich Stoppe, Christina Plump, Sebastian Huhn, Rolf Drechsler

In: 6th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics. International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC-2018) 6th February 20-22 Bremen Germany 2018.


While being from various domains, Multi Agent Systems and Hardware Design Languages rely on the same core concepts: parallelism, separation of concerns as well as communication between independent entities. This paper introduces the idea of utilizing the benefits of HDLs, with their focus on fast simulation and correct timing, to implement multi agent designs. Consequently, the massive advantages can be taken into account, which have been gained by decades of research in the field of electronic design, concerning the analysis, the evaluation as well as the optimization.


17_ldic_Multi-Agent-Systems.pdf (pdf, 255 KB)

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