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  1. Predicting Hemodynamic and Pulmonary Decompensation with Deep Neural Networks: Performance and Explainability

    In: 46th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …

  2. Christian Mandel; Kathrin Stich; Serge Autexier; Christoph Lüth; Ariane Ziehn; Karin Hochbaum; Rolf Dembinski; Christoph Int-Veen

    Using Gated Recurrent Unit Networks for the Prediction of Hemodynamic and Pulmonary Decompensation

    In: Proceedings of the 44th. International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. International Conference of the IEEE …

  3. Ariane Ziehn; Christian Mandel; Kathrin Stich; Rolf Dembinski; Karin Hochbaum; Zeuch Steffen; Volker Markl

    IoT-PMA: Patient Health Monitoring in Medical IoT Ecosystems

    In: Open Journal of Internet of Things (OJIOT), Vol. 8, No. 1, Pages 20-31, OJIOT, RonPub UG, Lübeck, 2022.

  4. Smart Wheelchairs

    In: Pablo Federico Diez. Smart Wheelchairs and Brain-computer Interfaces. Chapter Smart Wheelchairs, ISBN 9780128128923, Elsevier, 5/2018.

  5. Christian Mandel; Amit Choudhury; Serge Autexier; Karin Hochbaum; Steffen Brüggemann; Petra Wedler

    Gait cycle classification for wheeled walker users by matching time series of distance measurements

    In: Anual Conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA 2018). Rehabilitation Engineering and …

  6. People Tracking in Ambient Assisted Living Environments Using low-cost Thermal Image Cameras

    In: C.K. Chang; et al. (Hrsg.). Inclusive Smart Cities and Digital Health. International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics (ICOST-2016), …

  7. Bernd Krieg-Brückner; Christian Mandel; Christoph Budelmann; Bernd Gersdorf; Antonio B. Martínez

    Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Assistance

    In: Reiner Wichert; Helmut Klausing. Ambient Assisted Living. Pages 33-52, ISBN 978-3-319-11865-9, Springer International Publishing, 2015.

  8. SHIP-Tool Live: Orchestrating the Activities in the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab (Demo)

    In: Juan Carlos Augusto; Reiner Wichert (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence. International Joint …

  9. Bernd Krieg-Brückner; Bernd Gersdorf; Christian Mandel; Christoph Budelmann; M.-S. Schröder

    Navigation Aid for Mobility Assistant

    In: Joint CEWIT-TZI-acatech Workshop. Joint CEWIT-TZI-acatech Workshop (CEWIT-TZI-13), March 19-20, Bremen, Germany, IEEE, 2013.