Towards the Automatic Classification of Offensive Language and Related Phenomena in German Tweets

Julian Moreno Schneider, Roland Roller, Peter Bourgonje, Stefanie Hegele, Georg Rehm

In: Josef Ruppenhofer, Melanie Siegel, Michael Wiegand (editor). Proceedings of the GermEval 2018 Workshop. Konferenz zur Verarbeitung natürlicher Sprache (KONVENS-2018) located at KONVENS2018 September 19-21 Vienna Austria Online 2018.


In recent years the automatic detection of abusive language, offensive language and hate speech in several different forms of online communication has received a lot of attention by the Computational Linguistics and Language Technology community. While most approaches work on English data, publications on languages other than English are rare. This paper, submitted to the GermEval 2018 Shared Task on the Identification of Offensive Language, pro- vides the results of several experiments regarding the classification of offensive language in German language tweets.


KONVENS2018_MorenoSchneideretal.pdf (pdf, 228 KB)

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