CyProF – Insights from a Framework for Designing Cyber-Physical Systems in Production Environments

Dennis Kolberg, Christoph Berger, Bogdan-Constantin Pîrvu, Marco Franke, Joachim Michniewicz

In: Engelbert Westkämper, Thomas Bauernhansl (editor). Factories of the Future in the digital environment - Proceedings of the 49th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems. CIRP Conference on Manufactoring Systems (CIRP CMS) located at CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems May 25-27 Stuttgart Germany 49 Elsevier Amsterdam 5/2016.


There is little experience in integrating cyber-physical systems (CPS) in production environments nowadays. A coordinated framework with reference architecture, methodology and procedural model can support the adaption of CPS by providing a pre-defined structure and guidelines. This paper describes such a framework, named CyProF, for designing CPS-based solutions in production environments. Engineers are supported by this framework in handling the complexity during the design phase. Additionally, this paper explains how the framework was used in a use case to reduce engineering efforts for a CPS-based demonstrator.


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