Towards a Linked Data Access to Folktales classified by Thompson’s Motifs and Aarne-Thompson-Uther’s Types

Thierry Declerck, Antónia Kostová, Lisa Schäfer

In: Proceedings of Digital Humanities 2017. Digital Humanities - Annual International Conference for Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (DH-17) August 8-11 Montréal QC Canada ADHO 8/2017.


We present in this paper work consisting in porting to an integrated ontology two central resources for the classification of folktales: The “Motif-index of folk-literature” (Thompson, 1977) and the “Types of International Folktales” (Uther, 2004). The first resource, often called Thompson Motif Index (abbreviated as TMI) is available as an online resource. The second resource is a classification system for folktale types, which was published by Hans-Jörg Uther (2004), extending former work by Antti Aarne (1961) and Stith Thompson (1977). In the following we are using the acronym ATU for referring to this classification system. Recently, a large amount of the ATU data has been made available online, offering also annotation facilities for tales in multilingual versions.

Dh2017_LOD_TMI-ATU_final.pdf (pdf, 552 KB)

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