A lemon Model for the ANW Dictionary

Carole Tiberius, Thierry Declerck

In: Iztok Kosem, Jelena Kallas, Carole Tiberius, Simon Krek, Milo¨ Jakubíček, Vít Baisa (editor). Proceedings of the eLex 2017 conference. Biennial Conference on Electronic Lexicography (eLex-17) Lexicography from scratch September 19-21 Leiden Netherlands Pages 237-251 ISBN ISSN 2533-5626 Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o. Brno, Czech Republic 9/2017.


In this paper, we explore how we can reuse data from the ANW – an online corpus-based, scholarly dictionary of contemporary standard –, improve and optimise it by porting some of its elements into modules of the lexicon model for ontologies (lemon). For the current study, the focus was set on the application of the ontolex and decomp modules, together with the associated LexInfo vocabulary in order to model the semantic and morphosyntactic features of nominal entries in the ANW. We observe that encoding the ANW information in lemon has a number of advantages, including a better modularisation of the data, linking to other (lexical) data and data access using the standardised SPARQL query language.


eLex_2017_paper_67_NT-IKa-CT-TD_final.pdf (pdf, 876 KB)

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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