Testbench Qualification for SystemC-AMS Timed Data Flow Models

Muhammad Hassan, Daniel Große, Hoang M. Le, Thilo Vörtler, Karsten Einwich, Rolf Drechsler

In: Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE). Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE-2018) March 19-23 Dresden Germany 2018.


Analog-Mixed Signal (AMS) circuits have becomeincreasingly important for today’s SoCs. The Timed Data Flow(TDF) model of computation available in SystemC-AMS offershere a good tradeoff between accuracy and simulation-speedat the system-level. One of the main challenges in system-levelverification is the quality of the testbench. In this paper, wepresent a testbench qualification approach for SystemC-AMSTDF models. Our contribution is twofold: First, we proposespecific mutation models for the class of filters implementedas TDF models. This requires to analyze the Laplace transferfunction of the filter design. Second, we present the mutation-based qualification approach based on the proposed specificmutations as well as standard behavioral mutations. This allowsto find serious quality issues in the testbench. Our experimentalresults for a real-world AMS system demonstrate the applicabilityand efficacy of our approach


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz