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  1. Erich Achilles; Bernhard Hollunder; Armin Laux; Jörg-Peter Mohren

    KRIS : K-nowledge R-epresentation and I-nference S-ystem - Benutzerhandbuch

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-14, 1991.

  2. Bernhard Nebel; Christof Peltason; Kai von Luck (Hrsg.)

    International Workshop on Terminological Logics

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-13, 1991.

  3. Bernd Bachmann

    HieraCon - a Knowledge Representation System with Typed Hierarchies and Constraints

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-12, 1991.

  4. Thilo C. Horstmann

    Distributed Truth Maintenance

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-11, 1991.

  5. Donald R. Steiner; Jürgen Müller (Hrsg.)

    MAAMAW'91: Pre-Proceedings of the 3rd European Workshop on "Modeling Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Worlds"

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-10, 1991.

  6. David Powers; Lary Reeker (Hrsg.)

    Proceedings MLNLO'91 - Machine Learning of Natural Language and Ontology

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-09, 1991.

  7. Technical Staff

    DFKI Wissenschaftlich-Technischer Jahresbericht 1990

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-04, 1991.

  8. Harold Boley; Klaus Elsbernd; Hans-Günther Hein; Thomas Krause

    RFM Manual: Compiling RELFUN into the Relational/Functional Machine

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 91-03, 1991.