Cyber-Physical Systems


Abstraction and Reuse of Formal Developments

The aim of the AWE project is to increase this feasibility by developing a methodology for the reuse of formal developments under the slogan Abstraction for Reuse: given a formal development we want...

Multimedia - Instruktion in Sicheren Systemen

The aim of the MMiSS project, which is supported by bmbf (German Ministry for Education and Research) in its programme "New Media in Education", is to set up a multimedia Internet-based adaptive...

Automatic recognition of plans and intentions of mobile robots in cooperating and competing dynamic environments

Employing the RoboCup scenario, this project develops methods which allow to classify primitive actions as well as complex behaviour patterns of other autonomous agents, to recognize sequences of...

Heterogeneous Tool Set

Hets is a parsing, static analysis and proof management tool combining various tools for different specification languages, thus providing a tool for the heterogeneous specification language HetCASL....

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Cyber-Physical Systems

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