Multilingual Technologies (MLT)

The research group "Multilingual Technologies" (MLT) in Saarbrücken is headed by Prof. Dr. Josef van Genabith. It is part of the Language Technology research department , which is jointly headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Möller and Prof. Josef van Genabith. MLT consists of three core groups: Machine Translation (MT), Question Answering and Information Extraction Systems (QA/IE) and the Talking Robots (TR) group.

In research and development, cutting edge approaches to machine learning and knowledge-based approaches are used. The MT group focuses on state-of-the-art machine translation (QT21DEEPLEE) and data collection (ELRC). Highly scalable text analysis and question answering and information extraction systems based on it are the subject of the QA/IE group (iRead, PRECISE4Q, Excitement). The TR group develops dialogue technologies for human-robot communication in collaborative human-machine teams as well as medical and social application scenarios (TRADRPAL).

In addition to research and development projects, MLT is strongly involved in contract research and industrial projects. These include machine translation, text analytics and text classification, question answering as well as information extraction and dialogue systems.

At Saarland University, members of the MLT group are involved in leading positions in the collaborative research cluster SFB 1102 (Information Density, subproject B6), in a Leibniz project on cross-lingual search (CLUBS), a DFG project on multi-modal interfaces for post-editing of MT (MMPE), and the European Master's program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT). 



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