Augmented Vision


Since 2015, the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM e.V.) has granted the DAGM MVTec Dissertation Award. The Dissertation Award honors an...

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“AI for the benefit of humankind” was the theme of this year's Global Forum on AI for Humanity (GFAIH), which took place in Paris in October as part...

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Automated and fully automated vehicles must independently capture and understand their environment. In heavy rain or snow, however, sensors such as...

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Industry as well as academia have made great advances working towards an overall vision of fully autonomous driving. Despite the success stories,...

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Body-Tracking mit Hilfe eines Sensoranzugs

Whether pain in the back, shoulders or knees: Incorrect posture in the workplace can have consequences. A sensor system developed by researchers at TU...

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Keonna Cunningham
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