Interactive Textiles

The research department Interactive Textiles conducted by Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost develops research projects for the future of human-machine from a user-oriented perspective.
The focus is on interactive textiles and smart materials which enable new combinations of textiles and electronics.
Therefore, traditional handcrafts of textile production and micro-electronics are interwoven, in order to design smart materials which function as sensors and actuators. These are then used in wearables which find application in the fields of health, sports, labour of the future or connected environments.

Furthermore, the department does research on new kinds of interactive design which includes users from the very beginning (Participatory Design). Thus, aspects of social sustainability and ethical values are included as well, which can contribute to a more sensible development of technology.  This takes the complete process-chain into consideration - from the early stages of briefing, via all phases of prototyping and testings to the production and evaluation.



Design Research Lab
Berlin University of The Arts (UdK)
Einsteinufer 43
10587 Berlin

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