Research Topics

Image Recognition & Understanding

Image and pattern recognition techniques can be used to develop systems that not only analyze and understand individual images, but also recognize complex patterns and behaviors in multimedia content such as videos. By using deep learning technologies, training data can be generated for learning systems or valuable information can be obtained from optical sensors for various applications.


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Machine Learning in Kaiserslautern. You like science and pizza?

This is for you!

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Automated and fully automated vehicles must independently capture and understand their environment. In heavy rain or snow, however, sensors such as...

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Prof. Andreas Dengel, scientific director and site manager at DFKI-Kaiserslautern received the IAPR/ICDAR Outstanding Achievement Award at the...

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Software Campus: Suchmaschine für die grafische Benutzeroberflöche

Entwicklung einer Suchmaschine zum Auffinden von Elementen in grafischen Benutzeroberflächen und deren Verwendung in Software-Modellen


Image-Based Adaptive Sampling for SEM and STEM Imaging

In this project, we will develop sparse sampling strategies, also called compressed sensing (CS), to increase in the throughput and reduce the required electron dose of three dimensional (3D) Scanning...

Consistent dynamic scene reconstruction and property transfer using priors and constraints

The objective of DYNAMICS is to develop a new methodology for 4D reconstruction of real world scenes with a small number of cameras, as well as to learn statistical models from the captured data sets....

Mobile reconstruction and analyze of 3D human body models

Individual anthropometric measures are important for different applications, such as health care, ergonomics, clothing industry, etc. This data can be extracted automatically from 3D body scans. In...

Intelligente Assistenzdienste und personalisierte Lernumgebungen zur Wissens- und Handlungsunterstützung in der Interdisziplinären Notaufnahme

Die Etablierung sog. Interdisziplinärer Notaufnahmen (INA) in Kliniken ruft hinsichtlich der beruflichen Qualifizierung dort tätigen Personals durch die Tätigkeit verschiedener Fachdisziplinen, hohem...

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