Research Topics

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The fusion of the real and virtual world enables a wide range of applications for intuitive human-machine interaction, simulation of complex scenarios and visualization of information. At its core are the main topics of visual computing, virtual reality systems and virtual 3D worlds. Modern sensor technology enables the recording of objects and external scenarios as well as interaction with them. New visualization methods and automated procedures enable natural reconstructions in real time.

Virtual reality in physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic pain therapy

The aim of the ViRST project is to make virtual reality technologies usable for pain therapies. The necessary sensor technology is designed and implemented as a demonstrator. Movement and language are...

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Global Illumination for Interactive Interior Design

The project "GloBiE - Global Illumination for Interactive Interior Design" aims to complement the ecosystem of configuration and planning tools from intelligentgraphics with several rendering support...

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High Performance Deep Learning Framework

The goal of HP-DLF is to provide researchers and developers in the "deep learning" domain an easy access to current and future high-performance computing systems. For this purpose, a new software...

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