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Farming & Agricultural Engineering

The future food supply of an ever growing humanity is one of the key issues of our time. At the same time, climate change and globalization are placing increasing demands on a climate friendly and at the same time competitive agriculture. Intelligent technologies help to make agricultural production along the entire process chain sustainable, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. They hold enormous potential for gentle land management and livestock husbandry that encourages animal welfare. This includes the networking and automation of agricultural machinery and knowledge sources, as well as the utilization of specific agricultural data, which provide reliable information for optimal decision support.


Seit dem 1. September 2021 hat Dr. Stefan Stiene eine Professur für intelligente Agrarsysteme an der Hochschule Osnabrück inne. Nach über 10 Jahren…

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The joint project "Stadt-Land-Fluss" (SLF) funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) started on 1 June. The Eberswalde University…

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Gastbeitrag von Prof. Dr. Joachim Hertzberg, Leiter des Forschungsbereichs Planbasierte Robotersteuerung, DFKI Labor Niedersachsen

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Offene Software-Plattform für Dienstleistungsinnovationen in einem Wertschöpfungsnetz in der Landwirtschaft

ODiL develops, implements and demonstrates an open plattform tor the integrated, scalable and secure representation, communication and processing of data and services in agricultural enterprises.…

Smart Farming Welt - Herstellerübergreifende Vernetzung von Maschinen im landwirtschaftlichen Pflanzenbau mithilfe einer Service-Plattform

Ziel des Forschungsprojektes SMARF ist die herstellerübergreifende Vernetzung von Maschinen im landwirtschaftlichen Pflanzenbau mithilfe einer Service-Plattform. Auf Basis der über Unternehmens- und…

AGATA: Analyse großer Datenmengen in Verarbeitungsprozessen


  • Fraunhofer-Anwendungszentrum Industrial Automation (IOSB-INA)
  • Bayer Technology Services GmbH, BTS-OSS-ALCM-OACM
  • CLAAS E-Systems KG aA mbH & Co KG
  • Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation…

SmartBot is a cross-border collaboration involving 24 different partners from Germany and the Netherlands. The aim is to develop multi sensor robot platforms for maritime, agricultural and industry…

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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